We have no energy and wonder why. We have to loosen our belt and wonder why. We have heartburn and wonder why. Processed vs fresh. Which one are you eating and WHY? I'm told: Its cost, or I don't have time, its just easier, I'm so tired when I get home or I don't like to cook. Valid reasons! Let me say this: ITS NOT WHAT YOU DO BUT HOW YOU DO IT. Great tools get the job done faster, quicker and easier. They make our lives simpler. Ask any man about his tools. Let me show you how great tools can add so many benefits and improve your lifestyle. 


We​ believe that we are able to add to a persons lifestyle in a positive manner. I'm not sure anything adds such joy to our lives then family and food; in that order. Remember when we as a family get together over a table of delicious food, talk and laugh? Lets turn our houses back into a home from time to time. Sit at the dinner table and eat together a home-cooked meal made by caring hands.

Dinner for 2! 

Take a night off and let me do dinner for you and a few friends.  Just ask me! WE WILL HAVE FUN and you get a terrific piece of cookware of your choosing for FREE to add to your kitchen. 


A body in motion stays in motion. I asked a farmer how he was physically able to get up every day at 5 am and go feed the animals. His reply surprised me. DONT SIT DOWN! Please know he was 91 at the time. 

We don't live in a world that DEMANDS that we move so It's truly up to us to make a choice about whether we move or sit. 

We DO NOT need to go get a gym membership, begin running or riding a bike. PLEASE make an effort to keep moving. I BELIEVE you will be extremely surprised how much better you begin to feel and how much clearer you mind will perform.